Primary Goals

The M3AA Foundation is a global nonprofit dedicated to helping developing online countries become safe, functional and valued members of the Internet community.

Primary Goals

  1. Help emerging online countries become functional and safely-engaged participants in the global community by training industry ecosystem producers - such as ISPs and network operators, email service providers, technically-focused government agencies and NGOs — to avoid spreading unwanted traffic and other threats to the Internet community. This includes training to reduce the distribution of abusive messaging on all platforms and to abate related threats like bandwidth hijacking.
  2. Provide training to help emerging online countries protect their own citizens from Internet abuses, such as spam, phishing, malware, bots and other threats.

How the Foundation Will Achieve These Goals

  1. Provide experts to speak on best practices and topical work that already exists within M3AAWG.
  2. Develop programs and curriculum for basic "101 courses" since M3AAWG best practices assume certain technical and operational knowledge, then take network administrators and anti-abuse personnel to the next level by teaching how to operate and manage safe networks.
  3. Train the trainers on anti-abuse best practices so that the instruction lives on and is not "one shot work."
  4. Provide training at the ISOC Combating Spam Project workshops in various locations.
  5. Provide training at hosted training venues or M3AAF organized workshop/training meetings.
  6. Develop partnerships with other organizations in related work to expand the M3AAF outreach effort.
  7. Develop relationships with "champions on the ground' in each region as a channel for sharing future M3AAWG and other organizations' best practices.

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